MUSIC * ART * WRITINGS by Joseph Leone
Gypsy At Heart has created their own unique style of rhythmic-acoustic sounds that are based around a fresh musical vision. Based out of Atlanta and Athens, the music of Gypsy At Heart weaves a fusion of eclectic musical genres from East Indian Ragas and Middle Eastern scales, to Nu- Jazz, Latin, Celtic, European Classical, and American Folk. Original compositions take audiences on a musical journey; blending improvisations that are spatial, and beautiful; flowing into movements that are breathtaking in intricacy and speed. As the group portrays progressive, unique soundscapes and arrangements, their melodies are flavored with a familiarity that touch on the timeless folk music of the world. While most pieces are instrumental, lyrical songs make known deeply thought provoking poetry that will touch one's soul.

At the core of Gypsy At Heart, are two accomplished musicians: Joe Leone on guitar and vocals, and Souryadeep Bhattacharyya on sarod (banjo meets sitar). Their shows vary from intimate duo performances to a full group experience with Jeremiah Raj on oud, a Middle Eastern percussionist, tablas, and a cellist.


Souryadeep Bhattacharyya, Sarod
Souryadeep's Full Resume
Joseph Leone
music * art * writings
Rohit Bhat, Tabla
Joe Leone - guitar
Rob Sutherland - cello
Souryadeep Bhattacharyya - sarod
Jeffrey Lidke - tabla
Jeremy Raj - oud
Louis Romanos - percussion
Jeremiah Raj, Oud
Joseph Leone is an accomplished guitarist, and composer of many genres of music. He studied Latin Classical guitar as a child, and has since developed his own unique blend of musical styles, with progressive progressions and movements. While Joseph is the main composer of this trio group, Souryadeep Bhattacharyya incorporates melodies of Classical Indian Ragas into their pieces. With this they present a World Fusion of musical genres, from East Indian and Middle Eastern to Nu-Jazz, European Classical, and Folk. Joseph has performed his original music extensively with various groups. In the 1980's he formed the group, Studio East, with musicians from Afghanistan and India: Sitar, tabla, violin, and guitar. Joseph has also written, produced, and performed in numerous original Choreodramas with dancers. As well he has produced multi-media stage productions with world musicians and his video art projections, as stage sets.
Souryadeep Bhattacharyya is a well known name among the new generation of Indian classical sarod players. Souryadeep is a "Gandabandhan" disciple of the legendary sarodiya Pt.Alok Lahiri and has a unique playing style encompassing different gharanas of sarod. Souryadeep is the National Gold Medalist in instrumental music (2008), Junior and Senior National Scholarship recipient (Govt. of India, 2009), an A-High grade permanent artist affiliated with All India Radio and an IndianRaga Fellow (2014). Souryadeep has performed in many prestigious concerts nationally and internationally which have been highly acclaimed by audiences and critics alike.
Rohit Bhat is an accomplished tabla player in the Hindustani classical music. He started his training at the age of 10 under the guidance of Shre mudaballi Raja Saheb. Currently he is under the guidance of the eminent tabla maestro shree Prithwiraj Bhattacharyaji as a senior disciple. He has been performing nationally and internationally in prestigious concerts.
Jeremiah's love for playing improvisational music is an integral part of his musical journey. While he always enjoyed creating his own music growing up, he began formally studying "jazz" guitar as a teenager, performing in jazz combos and big bands through college, and earning a minor in jazz guitar from Mercer University. The expressive freedom within that "genre" inspired him to constantly seek new textures and sounds with which to create. Since college he has begun performing on other stringed instruments including ukulele, banjo, sitar, and oud. Embracing multiple musical instruments and influences has led Jeremy to perform with a wide range of musicians and styles including The Freedom Jazz Quartet, The People's Republic of Funk, The Hot Club of Athens, Grogus, Free Monk Trio, Cult of Riggonia, Chamber Chanchers, The Whitehall Jazz Collective, and now Gypsy at Heart.
emal: gypsyatheart.me@gmail.com